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Shutters In St Louis MO
Classic & Timeless Style

Why Choose Shutters In St Louis MO?

Selecting the right shutters can be difficult. There are thousands of different shutter designs ranging from frame styles, dimensions, materials, and colors. Worse than that? It can be difficult to know which shutters to choose unless you’re an expert. The benefits of wooden window shutters in St Louis MO are many and well-established. For example, light-blocking, draft insulation, security, and privacy, as well as having a clean and elegant look. If you don’t know what type of shutters you want, you can always look at some examples of window coverings to get inspired.

White Bathroom Shutters in St Louis MO

When considering window treatment options, people believe that shutters are the greatest and most comprehensive alternative. It can be seen as the equivalent of putting expensive furniture in your windows. Shutters are also the only window covering that increases your home’s resale value. From old-fashioned charm to modern beauty, our shutters can add character to even the plainest windows.

We love showing customers all of the gorgeous colors and designs available in wood, faux wood, and composite at Made in the Shade. You can rest assured that we know how to work with any window shape and therefore help you find what you want. In addition to light management, our elaborate shutters aid to protect against heat, cold, and sound when they’re closed. They also add a nice finishing touch to houses and bring the whole look of the house together.



Why Made in the Shade?

graber wood shutters in st louis mo

At Made in the Shade true interior design is about both style and use. Our lineup features clean, modern styles and quick adjustability to make everyday life more comfortable. As a locally-owned business, we want to serve the St Louis MO community. That is why we strive to provide all of our customers with great value and the best customer experience possible.

We want to create a living space that makes you feel comfortable and at home. Whether you’re looking to install blinds, solar shades, exterior shutters, window shades, or drapes. Our team will curate perfectly tailored solutions for all of your window treatment needs. Custom shutters can be tough to install, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals. We can make the whole process a breeze, helping you measure windows, select a style, and install them for you. You can read more about everything you need to know about window shades to get some ideas and inspiration.


Affordable Window Shutters For Anyone Near St Louis MO

You can easily make your neighbors envious of your home with our elegant custom window shutters. Made in the Shade offers complete customization when it comes to window treatments. As a result, you decide how you want your shutters to look. We then install them for you. It’s that simple. You schedule a time with us and we come to your home and look at which windows you want to work on. The benefit with that is that you can see right then and there how the shutters will look like. If there are any concerns or something you don’t like we will help you sort it out to ensure you are happy. 

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Benefits In Every Corner

Custom-designed shutters can make your property look great and provide an extra level of practical comfort. Our professional team will help you get the best out of your property with your new shutters. Shutters add harmoniously to the décor but also give you privacy and allow you to control the sunlight that enters a room. They also protect you from UV rays while still letting you utilize natural lighting. For example, exterior shutters can be a good choice for that purpose. However, exterior shutters can also help protect your windows from the elements such as bad weather and storms. Many times flying debris from storms can damage windows but that likelihood is reduced if you have exterior shutters that protect your windows. The Made in the Shade team offers free estimates and in-person consultations to ensure we meet your needs and solve your problems.


Bifold shutters in st louis mo when it's snowing

Your Satisfaction Through Our Excellence


Made in the Shade provides the local expertise you need to get the right shutters for your home or office. No two homes are alike and we know that each home in St Louis MO and St. Charles alike comes equipped with drastically different designs, looks and tastes. That means each property will demand different window coverings. No problem. We offer shutters available in a range of materials and styles. Consequently, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your shutters suit the needs and interior style of your home. Therefore, regardless of the reasons that you are looking for new custom shutters, know this: the team here at Made in the Shade will help you.

Professional Installation One Call Away

If you’re looking to install interior or exterior shutters with hinges, you’ll want to know if they fit well in your home before installing them. That’s where our free consultation comes in handy. Made in the Shade offers no-obligation appointments throughout the greater St Louis MO area. The goal is to help residential and commercial customers decide on new shutters for their windows and sliding doors. Whether you own property in St Louis MO or nearby—You’ll see how good the shutters you’re interested in can look and then decide if you want to install them. When it comes to options, we offer a myriad of choices. From window shutters with blinds to white plantation shutters in the traditional style. Any type of exterior or interior window treatment is available to get custom-tailored to your liking. You tell us what you want, we make it come to life.



Exterior Shutters in St Louis To Your Liking

Exterior shutters are a great addition to any home. They have their origin from America’s colonial architecture. Today it combines both functionality and aesthetics. For example, you can use exterior shutters for enhancing privacy, storm protection, controlling lighting and air. 

Due to their exposure to the environment, they require special care to avoid fading or deterioration. It’s important to keep them in good condition whether they are used for functional or decorative purposes. 

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There are a few things you want to consider for exterior shutters in St Louis.

1. Materials

Some materials are wood, vinyl, aluminum, composite, etc. They all have different reactions to the elements. If you decide to install them yourself or restore them, check the care guidelines from the manufacturer. Materials such as wood usually require special care in order not to lose their color.

2. Keep them clean

Considering that exterior shutters are on the outside of a building they will accumulate dirt over time. So it’s important to clean them regularly. For aluminum and vinyl shutters using a regular detergent in combination with a cloth and water is enough. 

In the case of wood shutters though you have to check for any signs of mold. If mold is detected, bleach and water might be necessary to remove any infestation.

3. Inspect Your Shutters in St Louis MO Regularly

You want to keep an eye on your exterior shutters in St Louis to see if there is any damage to them. That way you’ll increase the likelihood of noticing any damage early and minimize any potential costs. 

Another option would be to call us at Made In The Shade and we can do the inspection for you.

4. Painting

Apart from the fact that painting gives your shutters a fresh look, it’s also one of the most effective restorative techniques for your home. 

In order to repaint them, remove the unit from the window and paint them on a flat surface. Just make sure you confirm the installation system before removing it as they can differ.

Installing exterior shutters is a great way to make your home more appealing. They also increase the value of your house and offer privacy and protection amongst other things. Just make sure you take care of them regularly. We at Made In The Shade are happy to help and answer any questions you might have about your shutters in St Louis MO.



Tell us what Shutters you want in St Louis MO

Curtains will always remain a classic window dressing and we will ensure you get the size, style, and cut you need to suit the interiors of your home. Whether you are looking for sheer fabrics for the dining room or thermal blackout fabric for the bedroom, we are able to help you find and install what you envision for your home—seamlessly and beautifully. Made in the Shade specializes in the installation of high-quality shutters in St Louis MO.

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Tell Us What You Want

For example, window shutters in St Albans come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes. Finding the perfect combination to suit your needs and fall within the limits of your budget can be difficult. For example, maybe you want shutters with North American hardwood but your window is above the kitchen sink. In that case, composite shutters might be a better choice. They are more resistant to steam and humidity and are better suited for areas around bathrooms and kitchens. Therefore at Made in the Shade we ensure you never run into that issue. With plenty of shutter designs to choose from, we provide you with a lot of choices you can pick and select from.

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The Best Window Shutters Makers and Installers In St Louis MO

Made in the Shade lives up to the exceptional level of quality your home demands. Apart from being local experts, you can turn to for free consultations, we can also offer you more. You can reach out to us for questions regarding materials, builds, and more. From plantation shutters to exterior shutters in St Louis —we’ve got your back. That means when you order your new custom shutters from us, you can be certain of getting top-quality products for a price point that you’ll be happy with. Made in the Shade’s commitment to quality ensures our clients are happy. Therefore our team is ready to be your design consultant, serve your interior design needs and make you feel more comfortable in your home. 



We want you to feel comfortable in your home in St Louis

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With Made in the Shade, You Get:

  • A finishing touch with decorative shutters designed to complement the aesthetics of your house. They are also versatile enough to make a stunning statement in any space.
  • Our faux and composite shutters are able to resist high humidity, fading, and cracking in areas like the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Operable louvers allow you to control natural light to envelop your space with either daylight or moonlight for safer wayfinding.
  • Superior insulation that keeps heating and cooling costs down for greater at-home energy efficiency.
  • Real wood shutters are made from the highest grade of North American hardwoods.
  • Excellent visibility—larger louvered shutters provide virtually unobstructed views.
  • Perfect solution for large windows, motorized windows, and arched windows.
  • Heavy-duty build and construction to ensure the longevity of every shutter.
  • Cordless design to ensure child safety.