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Sheer Shades for Windows


The idea of sheer window shades might seem like an oxymoron, but when you see their beautiful, light-filtering effect, you’ll want to use them in your spaces. If you want to filter bright sunlight while enjoying the view or add extra privacy without making the room completely dark, sheer shades in St. Louis are ideal.

If you want to see how these window treatments might look in your home and are looking for sheer shades near you, turn to Made in the Shade St. Louis, the area’s trusted source for custom window coverings.

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Sheer Shade Features:

Interior designers love sheer shades for their versatility. They are perfect when you want to cover your windows but don’t want to hang anything too heavy. Sheer shades have adjustable horizontal vanes or slats that appear to float between two layers of translucent fabric; to adjust the light or privacy level, simply tilt the slats to the desired position.

Although you can control the light filtering and privacy with different slat sizes, the overall effect of a sheer shade is a soft, diffused glow. Look for custom sheer shades near you when you want to reduce the sun’s harsh glare and harmful UV rays while maintaining a bright and airy feeling.

Customizable Options for Sheer Shades

Get in touch with Made in the Shade to explore sheer shades in St. Louis. Our design consultants will help you explore customizations so your window coverings look great and work how you want. Consider options like:

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Roller Shades FAQ

Get the answers to some of the most common questions about roller shades here.

What is the difference between roller shades and blinds?

Fabric roller shades have two positions: open and closed. When the shade’s open, the fabric rolls into a cassette, exposing the window. Blinds have rigid slats made from wood, aluminum, plastic, or a composite. You can raise them to reveal the window or tilt the slats to filter light.

White is the most popular color for custom roller shades in St. Louis because it complements most home decor without overpowering the room. The wide array of fabric weaves, patterns, and textures keeps white from looking too dull.

Find Sheer Shades to Inspire You.

Sheer Shades offer a graceful blend of light control and privacy, with delicate fabric vanes suspended between two sheer layers, creating a soft, diffused lighting effect. This innovative design merges the airy beauty of sheers with the practical function of blinds, allowing for a seamless transition from a gentle glow to privacy with a simple adjustment.

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