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Our passion for perfection in St. Louis window treatments shows in every project. Exceptional service is our number one goal.

Find durable, high-quality window treatments near you, backed by a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty for lasting peace of mind.

Our professional window treatment installation services in St. Louis, MO, come with a one-year warranty for your satisfaction.

You won’t find better prices on window coverings in St. Louis. Our buyers negotiate the best prices with manufacturers and pass the savings on to you.



The perfect window treatments can add a finishing touch to any room, giving it a finished and pulled-together look. They also serve practical purposes, providing privacy and filtering light so your home is as comfortable as possible.

When you know their importance, why would you settle for something boring or ill-fitting when searching for window coverings near you? Thanks to Made in the Shade St. Louis, you don’t have to.

Whatever your design style or vision, we have the ideal solution. Our talented designers can solve any challenge for every taste and budget. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter window treatments when you can have them custom-made to your specifications.

The best place to see shade options is in your home, where you can visualize how the colors and materials look next to walls, floors, and furnishings. Our expert consultants offer personalized in-home consultations to help you make the right decision. Whatever window treatment you want, we can make it happen.

Use the online appointment calendar or call (314) 400-8887 to schedule a consultation with the Made in the Shade experts for window treatments in St. Louis, MO. We guarantee a fantastic experience and wow-worthy results.

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