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When you’re selecting window treatments, all roads lead to Rome — or Roman shades, at least. For the largest selection of timeless and versatile Roman shades in St. Louis, look no further than Made in the Shade.

Hanging fabric Roman shades on windows add softness and texture to any room. Made in the Shade has a Roman shade for every taste, with style options ranging from simple, flat folds to elaborate gathers and the largest selection of fabrics in the area.

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Roman Shade Features:

All Roman shades share the same design and construction: just a single piece of fabric that folds up like an accordion. However, the fold pattern and fabric give the finished shade a unique style and flair. For example, a linen flat-fold shade looks crisp and casual, while using a rich brocade fabric for a gathered teardrop style is an elegant and formal choice.

Roman shades are practical, attractive, and enhance any room. With the right combination of materials, you can have a durable window covering that perfectly balances beauty and function.

Customizable Options for Roman Shades

When it comes to customizable window treatments, few match the versatility of Roman shades. The same fabric can look vastly different depending on the fold style and embellishments you select. St. Louis, MO, area homeowners looking for Roman shades near them can add many features and upgrades, including:

If you want to explore the broadest selection of Roman shades in St. Louis, MO, reach out to Made in the Shade at (314) 400-8887 or schedule a complimentary in-home consultation online. We’ll bring the showroom to you and make it easy to update your home with fresh window coverings.

Roman Shades FAQ

Check out the following FAQs if you want to know more about Roman shades.

Can you use Roman shades with other shades or blinds?

Some interior designers hang Roman shades over roller shades or wood blinds to add texture and depth to the window treatment. You can then operate each shade independently.

Roman shades can contribute to energy efficiency in your home, depending on the fabric and lining you choose. Opting for heavier, insulating fabrics or adding a thermal lining can help reduce heat transfer through your windows, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This can lead to lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment.

Find Roman Shades to Inspire You.

Roman Shades combine the beauty of soft fabric draperies with the functionality and simplicity of traditional shades, offering an elegant solution that enhances both the aesthetic and comfort of your space. They provide versatile light control and privacy options, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance in any room with their smooth, adjustable folds.

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