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Not every home window is alike and obtaining the right size and color of blinds that completely complement your Ellisville home, is not an easy assignment. Usually, Blinds are premade in common sizes; however, this does not work when the home has a window or windows that are not typical. The blind experts, at Made in the Shade St Louis, have the answer. (314)400-8887

We understand the significance of finding and installing the correct blinds. Why? Because windows are a major focal point of any room, which require charm and functionality. The advancements in blind technology have provided us the ability to say goodbye to the days of plain, boring standard blinds and replace it with the exciting world of custom blinds. Custom blinds allow Ellisville homeowners to decorate each room in a multitude of ways while remaining within budget.

Custom Blind Considerations – Ellisville, MO

When ordering and buying custom blinds, there are some things to consider, and the Made in the Shade St Louis experts can answer any questions you may have:

Are Custom Blinds Safe? This is a concern for families due to the innate curious nature of children and pets. It is important to be extra careful because household items such as window shades can turn into potential hazards. Safe blinds and window treatments that are safe, for Ellisville homes with babies, children, and pets, are our goal and are especially important to Made in the Shade St Louis. All our blinds are designed for convenience, safety, and attractiveness.

Are Custom Blinds Budget-Friendly? The cost depends on the custom size of the desired blinds. Other factors, affecting the cost, are the fabrics, features, and patterns chosen, which will add to the total price. How much you spend depends on your custom choices.

Do Custom Blinds Require Less Maintenance? This answer depends on the amount of cleaning and maintenance you are willing to do. This decision will dictate which blind type works best for you. If you are looking for easy-to-clean and minimal maintenance, then custom faux wood blinds and vertical blinds are probably what you are looking for. These custom blinds only require a quick pass with a vacuum cleaner attachment or a swift dusting to keep them looking new and fresh.

What is Your Personal Preference? Your personal preference will go a long way in deciding which custom blinds are right for your Ellisville home. Are you looking for your space to look warm and bright or cozier with less sunlight? Remember, light and privacy are opposites when deciding on the blind type.

Ellisville Area Custom Blinds Company

Since every home, in Ellisville, is different and often window size varies, there is a growing need for a custom blinds company with proven trust and dependability. The team at Made in the Shade St Louis has built its business on being the most trusted custom blind company in the industry.

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