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4 Reasons Solar Shades are Perfect for Summer

4 Reasons Solar Shades are Perfect for Summer

There is little doubt that summer is one of the most anticipated seasons each year. The dregs of cold weather are finally long gone, schools are out of session, and the days themselves are longer and brighter.

Whether you are filling the warm months with outdoor activities or escaping the heat in the cool indoors, the summer is an important season to consider your window treatments. With intense sunlight streaming in and high temperatures causing your home to warm, now might be the time to examine which window treatments are right for your house.

Though there are many good options, solar shades are particularly suited to keep your home both looking and feeling cool in the summer months. There are many perks to solar shades’ classic and functional design, but here are our top four reasons why solar shades are a strong contender for the sunny season.

Exterior Patio Shades

UV Protection

The summer months contain the most sunlight of the entire year, and window-heavy rooms run the risk of exposing furniture to damaging UV rays. With solar shades, however, you can protect your leather couches and wooden cabinets from fading. Made with PVC or HDPE mesh instead of vinyl or fabric, the material in solar shades filters harmful rays while still allowing for your room to be filled with natural light and keeping your furniture looking good as new.

Exterior Solar Shades

Energy Efficiency

Another great quality of solar shades is that they save you money on air conditioning in the summer heat. The light-filtering material keeps your home cool by blocking harsh sunlight during the brightest hours of the day, allowing you to maintain your home at a reasonable temperature.

Solar Shades Office


Do you like the efficiency of blinds and shades but hate the way they block the view out your window? Solar shades might be perfect for you. With varying percentages of light filtration, you can control the amount of visibility you have to the outside through solar shades’ openness percentage. Depending on the percent (lower means less light coming through, higher means more visibility), you can choose how much of a view you want.

If you want to see outside during the day but are worried about privacy at night, you can either pick a lower openness percentage or pair your solar shades with a blackout curtain to keep others from seeing inside once it gets dark out.

Solar Shades

Adaptable to Indoors and Outdoors

Not only do solar shades filter light inside your home, but they are also made to be used outside as well. Exterior solar shades are perfect for spending hours on your porch or deck in the summer months, blocking the hot sun and keeping you cool in the shade. Durable and long-lasting, the exterior shades’ fabric is made to withstand outside elements, so they won’t be damaged by rain or sun.